5 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentines Day!

February 11, 2016


5 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentines Day!

In Chinese medicine the Heart is not only a beating vessel in our body that keeps us moving and breathing each and every day but it houses our “shen” or as I like to say our emotional being. By following these daily tips it will help create a happy and healthy YOU.

  1. Show gratitude. Take the time to say “Thank you” to those who make your life a little bit better each and every day.
  1. Give a hug. A simple gesture to connect with someone. It’s not only a way to reduce stress but always a great way to make someone who you care about smile.
  1. Sleep tight. Sleep is a very important part to having a healthy calm shen. Dab a couple drops of lavender essential oils on your pillow to help for a deeper peaceful night of sleep.
  1. Smile. It takes 5 seconds and makes that person feel special. It’s a simple way to connect with people and our heart is all about connection.
  1. Herbal tea. A nice hot cup of herbal tea in the evenings is a great way to unwind the day. A few of my favorites to support the heart are red raspberry, chamomile, hibiscus and orange spice.

When you have a healthy ”shen” your eyes sparkle, your cheeks are pink, your skin is bright, for it’s the heart that gives life to your body. Enjoy your special day!

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