Holistic Winter Skincare

December 21, 2021

What happens to our skin during the winter?
With cooler temperatures we layer on clothes to protect our bodies but our faces are usually “faced” to deal with the environment.The skin can become more dehydrated and sensitive because of the change in temperatures and our indoor heating tends to create even more dryness. Our skin’s barrier that protects us from environmental aggressors is working really hard right now. You can help it along through an easy shift in your morning and evening skin care routines. 

What can be done to prevent or heal our winter skin?
Be gentle on your skin but keep up with weekly exfoliation. Exfoliation is key for keeping dead/dry skin off. If you can remove dead skin you are better able to absorb the other products you apply to your skin’s surface. Find a method of exfoliation that works for you. There are many options from physical exfoliants like scrubs to chemical versions such as natural fruit acids.
Continue to cleanse your skin day and night. Use an oil based cleanser so you can nourish your skin while removing the impurities that slow it down. 
Give your skin added attention. Sometimes all it takes to talk your skin down from a ledge is an added toner. A spritz after cleansing can give your face an extra dose of nutrients and hydration.
Hydrate all around! Eminence has a new line and the results are amazing! Full of hydration and age reversal. It plumps the skin and creates a beautiful layer of hydration for a healthy appearance. Not to mention the addition of collagen production that boosts naturally in your skin. Marine Flower Peptide Flower products cover all your winter and aging concerns.

Pay close attention to the skin that is most affected.Don’t forget your hands and lips! The areas most prone to dryness and sensitivity. Daily protection is a must for these parts. 
And don’t forget that the sun is very powerful outside during this time of year. An SPF is always a good idea to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the winter sun. 

Check in with a facial. Get a better idea of what your skin is doing by coming in for a pampering facial. Get an exfoliation and individual treatment to turn you in the right direction and boost your at-home product’s effects. I would recommend coming in for the Holistic Facial every 4-6 weeks to keep the skin functioning at its healthiest. 

By Jessica Long

Two Trees Acupuncture