Rub My Belly

April 28, 2017


My latest passion has been diving into the world of Arvigo® Maya abdominal massage. I had the amazing fortune of beginning this journey in the past year after attending a self-care class taught by my teacher, Donna Zubrod in Cary, NC. It was so much more than just a continuing education massage class. It gave me a connection and understanding to the mind in my belly.

We place so much emphasis on our connection to the world through our 5 senses but as science continues to evolve they are beginning to realize there is a whole nervous system in the abdomen. Just think about it, when you are about to go on stage and give a speech or go for a job interview where do those butterflies fly around…in your stomach. When you are about to take an exam or go on a first date where do you feel the knots…in your stomach. Our bodies sense everything through our abdomen but very rarely is a place that we place much emphasis on, until now.

The Maya culture has been using abdominal massage as long as they have been around on record and even if you have traveled to Belize or Cozumel you may have experienced their version of abdominal massage. Like any massage therapy technique there are lots of different takes on the style we call Maya massage which is why after experiencing the Arvigo® touch I knew there was a world deep within my belly I had to explore.

After spending a whole week learning this amazing technique and realizing my knowledge is just the tip of the iceberg I feel a whole new connection to my belly and most of all my nervous system. I feel so blessed to begin this journey and if you haven’t had your belly rubbed I invite you to give it a try. I’ll even teach you the self care massage so you can rub your belly every day and watch the transformation take place.

Paula Kearney LA.c

Two Trees Acupuncture