“With ancient wisdom blended together with modern clinical experience, Chinese medicine is a beautifully constructed antidote to many of the common ailments we face in the 21st Century.”

The Two Trees Philosophy

Our hope is to support the health and wellbeing of our Charlotte community. We aim to treat not only the symptoms, but to treat the whole person by focusing on the root cause for imbalances in the body.

With thousands of years of documented practice, Chinese medicine is the second largest medical system in the world. It is a useful complementary therapy alongside many other medical treatments, as well as being able to provide effective stand-alone treatments for a variety of conditions. It is a gentle, safe system of medicine that has treated billions of people during the past 2500 years. With ancient wisdom blended together with modern clinical experience, Chinese medicine is a beautifully constructed antidote to many of the common ailments we face in the 21st Century.

About Us

Portrait - Paula Kearney

Paula Kearney

Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Paula holds a Masters of Oriental Medicine with over 3400 hours of classroom and clinical training from Boulder’s Southwest Acupuncture College. During her formative education Paula sought out an internship with Boulder, Colorado’s only acupuncture practice dedicated specifically to women’s health, Well Woman Acupuncture.
Her gentle treatment style combined with a broad array of foundational training in multiple forms of East Asian and Maya medicine have prepared her to support many of the 21st Century ailments, including digestion imbalances, woman’s health, fertility support, and internal disorders. She has completed additional training in Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Massage, to support pelvic, reproductive and digestive health. She has sought additional training in this modality for supporting women throughout pregnancy and post-partum care. She has completed specialized training in Mai Zen® Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture therapy to offer a safe, natural, and effective treatment for natural facelifts, hyper-pigmentation, bells palsy, broken capillaries, acne and many other skin conditions. She completed yoga teacher training with the Yoga Shala school in Charlotte, NC. Paula is constantly expanding her knowledge and is forever a student when it comes to medicine and life. Her passions include creating medicinal products, cooking and her two beloved spaniels Oliver & Basil.

**Please note starting February 27th, 2023 Paula Kearney will be working out of her own location in Ballantyne. For full information visit: http://bloomwomensacupuncture.com

Portrait - David Bonilla

David Bonilla

Acupuncturist & Bodywork

David holds a Masters of Acupuncture from Boulder’s Southwest Acupuncture College with over 2500 hours of classroom and clinical training in acupuncture and Tui Na therapy. As well, he holds a Certificate in Massage Therapy with over 800 hours of classroom and clinical training from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, which offers one of the most highly regarded and rigorous certifications of massage therapy in the western hemisphere. Having studied for over two years and with hundreds of hours of supervised clinical practice with one of China’s foremost experts in Tui Na therapy, Dr. Lu, Li of Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, David is recognized personally by Dr. Lu himself as holding a proficiency in Tui Na at the level of expertise expected of a doctor in any Chinese hospital. While his specialty is pain management, the system of Tui Na and acupuncture he practices are not limited to pain, but also includes many internal diseases, ranging from migraines to emotional concerns such as anxiety and sleep disturbances. He has additional training in Balance Method Acupuncture, a style that emphasizes treating away from the site of pain in order to treat more effectively. He is conversationally fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and in his free time he enjoys Ashtanga yoga, meditation and spending time outdoors.

Liz Van Every

Liz Van Every

Massage Therapist

Liz has a thriving interest in helping her clients meet their health goals. She’s an LMBT in NC and NY. She became a bodyworker after 20 years as a professional chef with a certificate in holistic nutrition and a certificate in western community herbalism. Using a holistic approach she attends to her clients health care goals beautifully interweaving her life experience and practical skills. She is experienced in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofacial release, Shiatsu and Thai massage. She’s completed over 1150 hours of education in massage therapy and is excited to help you reach your health goals.

Portrait- Meredith Ross

Meredith Ross

Massage Therapist

Meredith brings a wealth of experience to the treatment table. With an ASAD in Physical Therapist Assistant from CPCC and 20 years experience in acute and critical care rehabilitation including trauma and orthopaedics, she integrates a deep knowledge of structural bodywork with caring and compassionate touch to release deeply held tension and stress in the body. She has completed 500 hours of massage therapy training from the Atlanta School of Massage, as well as holding completion in all six core curriculum in Visceral Manipulation developed by Jean-Pierre Barral DO. With such extensive experience and training, she is able to help resolve her clients’ issues to a level that surpasses what is expected of therapeutic massage.


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