Why Holistic Skincare?

October 22, 2021

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It absorbs everything we put on it from lotions, to body washes, to makeup, to perfume. Then it’s up to our liver to process and detox the chemicals it comes across each and every day. We don’t always have a choice as to the air quality we sit in or the water coming out of our faucet that we bathe in, but we always have a choice as to what we use on our skin. Just like our food, the products we choose to use on our body affect our entire system and in turn can give us radiant and beautiful skin or dusky damaged skin. Sometimes it will take years to show up but that little choice you make is for your future beautiful self.

Ever since I was a teenager I can remember my mother always saying “NEVER use a soap bar on your face, it’s too harsh and will dry out your skin.” And Yes! she is completely correct. From that day forward I have always looked for healthy ways to support my skin. In all the places I have lived I always try to find a holistic esthetician. It’s a great way to give my skin a deep exfoliation and refresh so I can have healthy glowing skin without any chemicals, dyes or toxins. Plus it helps my skin absorb all the fancy non-toxic products I use.

It’s a huge reason why I am so excited to be announcing that we have an amazing Ayurvedic trained esthetician that loves natural skincare as much as I do. She is trained to use the Eminence line of natural skin care products, which is one of the few lines trusted by the top holistic skin spas in the world.  I have tried thousands of products over the years, but nothing gives me results like Eminence does. They use all food based products, and with advanced laboratory testing to ensure what they promise is actually in the bottle that you’re buying, they can ensure a consistent high level of quality to each individual product they offer. There is never any water in any product making them super potent and long lasting.

If you have yet to experience the difference in holistic skincare or are a champion holistic product connoisseur then I highly recommend experiencing her gentle effective skincare style to give yourself a little treat. Consider it a gift to your future self.
Paula Kearney LA.c
Two Trees Acupuncture