You Are What You Eat

November 30, 2017

Each time you eat, look at the colors on your plate. It’s a simple and easy way to see if your food is making you beautiful. I know it sounds a little silly but think about it like this, you have a plate with orange carrots, green kale, purple potatoes, bright pink salmon…now that dish is full of vibrancy. It’s not only going to make you feel amazing after eating it but your going to look amazing too. If the majority of your foods are bright with beautiful color, you will radiate each and every day.

Now for contrast if you eat white mashed potatoes, brown fried chicken, brown gravy, green beans, brown bread & butter your plate is dark, dull and while it may taste good, can leave you feeling heavy, lethargic and tired afterward. Your skin will be ashen, your eyes will be heavy and your mood will be dull.

You are what you eat!

The easiest way to make simple food choices is to choose a plate full of color, vibrancy and variation. One of my favorite tricks is to see if I can eat at least 4 colors with each of my meals, and for some bonus shimmer add a dash of spice or season with some fresh herbs and you are in your way to being your glowing beautiful self.

David Bonilla LA.c

Two Trees Acupuncture